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About Starlight Express

Since 1995, "Starlight Express Pvt. Ltd." has been one of the industry's top service providers in the logistics sector. With our expertise in the transportation of goods by air, sea, and land as well as clearing services and inspection services, we offer a variety of services, including consulting, packaging, and global shipping.

A team of committed and knowledgeable business leaders oversees our operations, which span 150 cities and 100 nations worldwide. They have received training to offer consumers full logistic & transportation services in a safe and secure manner. The handling and transportation of goods are also done in compliance with IATA regulations and other international safety requirements. From this point, we are providing a range of hazardous and non-hazardous goods handling services, all of which are supported by quick and effective operation capabilities within set time constraints.


The first international freight forwarding business in Nepal to receive ISO 9001:2000 certification is called Starlight Express. Starlight Express offers services in more than 150 cities in more than 100 nations. One logistical support firm in Nepal, Starlight Express, offers specialized one-on-one transportation solutions for customers with specialized handling requirements. In Nepal, Starlight Express is the only logistical support provider offering specialized, high-quality, and efficient cargo services in accordance with the needs of the customer.

Our Mission

To provide timely, creative, effective, and efficient comprehensive logistic solutions to our customers, under the direction of a team that is committed to quality and delivery.

Our Vision

To develop and become one of the most dependable and adaptable goods and logistics firms that provides superior professional, prompt, and quality-conscious service to the goods forwarding transportation, and logistics segments. The ability to adapt to our client's needs in the best way stems from Starlight Express's commitment to dependable structures. We ship with the greatest logistical business throughout the world, quickly & safely

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We are a well-respected company with a solid workforce and a reliable distribution network that includes Partners that are positioned strategically. We pride ourselves on quality and efficiency, which is controlled by our dynamic and experienced management team, and we are proactive in our marketing and branding. Our company's current and future identities both depend heavily on our beliefs.
The foundation of our success in the past, the present, and the future is our dedication to integrity. This fuels our commitment to preserving the highest standards of professional behavior. In every transaction, we are devoted to honoring our code of ethics. The code teaches us how to conduct business ethically and how to put integrity first through its significant requirements. Nothing should ever undermine our unwavering dedication to performing honestly. In business transactions, we speak from the heart and keep our promises.
We have consistently remained committed to achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction. Here, we make sure that the services are up to par with international standards and satisfy the client's logistical needs. Here, our professionals converse with clients to better understand their needs and provide services in accordance with their needs. Also, the professionals make sure that things are handled carefully so that customers don't suffer unintentional losses. In this case, we also uphold transparency in business operations and deliver required paperwork on schedule. Due to our tenacious efforts, we have amassed a wealthy clientele with clients all around the world. In addition, we emphasize safety, openness, and high-quality services. We now have 100% client retention rates, which is great.
Our company operations are complemented by reliable transportation and logistics infrastructure, which enables us to satisfy the needs of our clients in terms of services. For faster delivery of goods, our firm also maintains a sizable fleet of swiftly moving trucks. We employ packaging materials that are UN-certified to ensure proper consignment packaging and transportation.

Furthermore, our professionals classify, organize, store, and pack our products according to the severity of each category. In this location, we also have a sizable warehouse that is furnished with safety and security features, ensuring the protection of the shipment while it is being transported.
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