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Prohibition Order In Kathmandu Valley Till May 27, 2021

Prohibition Order In Kathmandu Valley Till May 27, 2021

Stop all construction work except national project, purchase of daily necessities till 10 am

Kathmandu: A restraining order has been extended in the Kathmandu Valley till May 27,2021. A meeting between the three district administrations of the Kathmandu Valley on Tuesday decided to extend the ban for another two weeks.

Visual photo of the secluded area of ​​Lalitpur seen on the first day of the ban on April 29: Hemant Shrestha / Kantipur

The injunction issued on April 29 has been tightened for two more weeks. According to the Acting Chief District Officer of Lalitpur, Lalit Kumar Basnet, the flow of services from all government offices has been postponed.

Essential services have also been directed to be provided by limited staff. Similarly, all construction works except the project have been stopped due to national pride and national priorities.

“A joint meeting of all three administrations has decided to extend the ban by two weeks to break the epidemic, and to strictly enforce the order,” Basnet said.

Similarly, weddings, fasts and other banquets at hotel restaurants and party palaces have also been banned. Basnet said that up to 10 people would be allowed to do such activities at home.

The shopping time for daily necessities has been extended from 9 am to 10 am. Similarly, retail sale of vegetables and fruits including Kalimati has been banned. Orders have also been issued to sell only wholesale from those markets.

On Monday, residents of all three districts of the Kathmandu Valley also discussed the issue with Chief Secretary Shankar Das Bairagi and Home Secretary Maheshwar Neupane.

Earlier, a one-week injunction was issued in the Kathmandu Valley with effect from April 30. The order was then tightened again for another week. The order has been extended again as it is about to expire on the night of March 10. In recent times, around four thousand people have been found infected in the Kathmandu Valley daily.

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